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Contracts are simply promises that are generally enforceable by law.  The law provides remedies if a contractual promise is breached and recognizes the performance of a promise as a duty.  Contracts arise when there is an exchange of promises suported by a bargained-for exchange, or consideration.  Certain promises, in limited factual circumstances, may nonetheless be enforceable by a court although they lack such mutuality.

Contracts are most commonly governed by state law, not federal law, and, if they are to be litigated, are therefore generally litigated in state courts.  Under certain circumstances, particularly in interstate commerce, contracts can be governed by federal law.  Further, modern commerce is increasingly international in nature, often requiring litigants to be aware of rules and regulations promulgated by one or more foreign countries.

A well-crafted agreement is therefore often at the heart of a successful business enterprise.  Commercial contracts can anticipate a variety of issues, and so they can avoid a myriad of potential conflicts.  There is wide-ranging "freedom of contract" in American courts, allowing contracting parties to elect the governing law of their preferred jurisdiction, to choose in advance the forum for the resolution of any disputes, to select the form and time of termination of the agreement, and many other items.

Marin Law Partners, LLP can assist you or your company in negotiating and drafting a winning agreement to suit your objectives.  The partners have more than twenty years of collective business experience, as well as the legal knowledge which forms the basis for sound and prudent advice.  Contact us to find out more!

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