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Marin Law Partners, LLP, which has two accomplished tax law attorneys on staff with over 40 years of combined tax law related experience, is uniquely qualified to handle any type of IRS dispute. We handle all types of disputes including those involving audits, appeals, collections actions, tax litigation, criminal charges, non-filers and offers in
compromise. We understand the dedication, skill and persistence that are required to give our clients proper representation for their IRS and California FTB conflicts.

Whether you have been accused of tax evasion or you are interested in
remedying past mistakes or oversights in your filed income tax returns,
we can help devise a strategy to meet your situation.

HOT NEWS: Do you have a bank account in a foreign country?
On February 8, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service announced the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI). "

IRS Audits

An IRS audit may be the beginning of a difficult process that can lead
to tax penalties and even criminal prosecution. Our tax attorneys assist
you in managing this process while minimizing the strain it puts on you
or your business. We understand IRS audit law.

An audit is a procedure used by the Internal Revenue Service to gather
information about your income tax return and determine if the information you provided was accurate. The IRS will ask for all evidence it feels is relevant to the information on your tax return. Typically they will request information from the taxpayer and sources related to the taxpayer (banks, customers, employers, etc.). Occasionally, the IRS will request information that is not relevant. Information, such as customer lists, may be requested even when the information is not clearly relevant to your tax return. If we cannot convince the IRS to retract these requests, it may become necessary to ask the Court to
quash the Summons in order to protect you and your business. Only a tax
attorney can handle these proceedings.

Our tax law firm focuses on helping clients with their IRS battles. The audit is the opening salvo and the issues can get complicated and time consuming. You need a experienced tax professional to protect your interests and your financial future, and possibly your personal freedom. Resolute action may prevent your tax problems from migrating from years under audit to other years.

There is no requirement that you appear at an audit meeting. Typically we do not have our clients appear. If there are questions we cannot answer, we
request that they be presented in writing and we will respond in writing. This process of written questions and answers ensures that there are no misunderstandings or miscommunication.


When an IRS audit results in an audit recommendation you do not agree
with, our tax law firm can represent you before the Appeals Office. Appeals Officers are many times more experienced and knowledgeable than the Revenue Agents who handle audits, and the majority of disputed audits are settled during the appeals process. It is important to have someone who understands the procedure and has been there before and we are both.

An aggressive and knowledgeable tax lawyer can make a large difference in the settlement offered to you during the appeals process. The IRS typically does not want to litigate these issues because of the time, expense, and risk of an unfavorable outcome.

IRS Collections

The best opportunity to resolve your tax dispute successfully is before the tax is assessed. If you were not able to obtain a satisfactory settlement during the IRS audit and appeals stage, or in tax court, the tax will be assessed. Our tax law firm can help you fight the validity of the tax, or obtain collection relief in certain circumstances.

The most commonly employed collection related tools are the offer in compromise and installment agreements. Those who advertise the ability
to settle for "pennies on the dollar" are often referring to the offer in compromise program. The IRS has issued a warning against some of these companies and no one can promise you such a settlement without extensive consultation about your particular situation.

Contact our tax law firm today to schedule a consultation.

Offers in Compromise

The Offer in Compromise program was established to grant relief to individuals owing tax in certain situations. Our tax law firm can advise you on your eligibility to meet the requirements of the IRS's Offer in Compromise program.

The television is full of people advertising services that promise to settle your tax debt for "pennies on the dollar." These services are generally not attorneys, and are basically Offers in Compromise mills. They fill out the forms, regardless of the clients' individual situation, and make an offer. These offers are often not accepted by the IRS. The IRS has even gone so far as to release a consumer alert advising taxpayers to beware of these "pennies on the dollar" claims.

If you do qualify for the Offer in Compromise program because the IRS has doubts about the tax liability, doubts about their ability to collect the debt, or undue hardship involved in paying the debt, you will be best served by having an experienced and knowledgeable tax attorney to help you present your arguments. The chances of a successful petition are much better with an efficient Offer in Compromise attorney working for you.

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